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Having read the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as a responsible business, Karantzikou Christina & SIA L.PIndividual Enterprise recognizes the need to comply with the Regulation and ensures that there are effective technical and operational measures to protect visitors' personal data, our customers, employees and other stakeholders and to process them in a fair, transparent and lawful manner.


The commitment to the provision of Personal Data Protection extends to a higher level and will be proven by providing the appropriate resources to establish and develop effective technical and organizational measures to ensure adequate security for personal data. We share a top-down approach, which describes the design and implementation phases to build a strategic compliance approach. We define the key estimates for each of the phases, including objectives, participants, inputs, tasks and deliveries.


Top management will at all times ensure that a regular review of the program's performance is carried out on a regular basis, examining whether the objectives are met and all areas of concern that may require remedial action.


Risk management will take place at various levels within the organization, including:

  • Assessing the risks of achieving personal data protection objectives
  • Regular assessment of the risk of personal data protection in specific business areas
  • Risk assessment as part of business change management process

The GDPR is approached as an additional framework for improving the quality and quantity of data, avoiding any overlappings.


Privacy Policy and Privacy:

Our privacy policy explains how we collect, use, share and protect your personal information. If this policy is to be updated a respective informatory post will be made public within the website. We acknowledge, respect and handle your privacy in a serious manner as we want you to understand our practices regarding such delicate data. This statement of privacy explains how we achieve this.


What Information we Collect:

The Karantzikou Christina & SIA L.P. is the "controller" of the personal data you are going to give us. By accessing, we collect only your personal information without including any sensitive further information. This data refers to cookies and targeting cookies.

If you decide to contact us through our website then you will be asked to submit the limited personal data necessary to provide you with the product you have ordered, to handle your inquiry or to contact you for more information about our products. This is entirely voluntary.


The information we collect for you depends on the form you fill out. It includes your name, your telephone number, your address and your email address. For billing purposes, we will not be able to delete or record anonymously The data you provide us for the payment and shipment of your products.


Why We Collect:

We need to know your limited personal data before we can complete and send the order you make through our online store. In addition, we provide newsletters on product and service offerings as well as other related materials. We do not collect sensitive personal information that we do not need, other than what is absolutely necessary to fulfill your request. If any form that collects your personal information allows you to voluntarily provide additional information, we look for this information because we believe it will help us offer you a better quality of service. You do not need to provide this information if you do not want it.


What we do with the Information We Collect:

All personal data collected is processed by Karantzikou Christina & SIA L.P. staff in Greece. Our staff is committed not to share any of your information with people outside of the company. We need your personal data to send you the order that you have requested through our online store. We collect your emails and transfer them to Privy one of the best e-mail delivery platforms. You should state whether or not you want to send us newsletters about our products as soon as you provide us with your emails. You can at any time choose to unsubscribe from our list.


How long do we keep them?

Your personal data, for tax purposes, are kept in our database for 10 years. In addition, we will maintain your personal data for 2 years to provide you with product and service updates (for marketing purposes). Upon completion of the 2-year period, we will again ask for your consent to continue providing information about our products and services to you. If you choose to unsubscribe from a service, we may maintain a "list of removals" that contains your information so we may know you have removed your subscription.


What we would like to do:

However, we would like to use your name and email address to let you know about our future offers and products. This information is not shared with third parties and you may unsubscribe any time of your choosing via telephone, email or the website. You can indicate when you fill out a form if you want to register or not.

For more information on hiring, storing, using, maintaining and distributing personal data, please contact us at


What are your rights?

We reserve the right to modify this Policy at any time. If at any point you believe that the information we have for you is incorrect or you want to request a review, please contact us and we will correct or delete it. You have the right to access your personal data and ask for it to be corrected or deleted later. If you would like to file a complaint about how your personal data is handled, you can contact our team to investigate the matter and comply with your request at